Any suggestions?

I do apologise for the fact that I have been rather quiet lately. I’ve been dealing with a tooth that’s been giving me problems so I’ve been concentrating on sorting that out. But it’s almost sorted so new posts will be up soon. As you can see, I try and give information in a step-by-step manner so we’re still getting into each topic. Are there any suggestions you guys might have with regards to how I’ve organised the blog posts? Is there anything that’s been uploaded this far that you’re still unclear about? What topics would you still like covered so I can work it in in later posts? How can I improve the blog? Are the sourced videos working for you or would you prefer me writing more of my own content and working in more text? Please share. Your input will help make this a  better blog.


2 thoughts on “Any suggestions?

  1. Yes, your tooth has been a big issue and pain. But glad it’s been taken care of and you can focus on your blog. You doing a great job so far baba I am proud of you. Please keep it up and uploading more content.

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