Good Reads

Two of the blogs/websites that I follow, a list I will put up soon, includes Mashable and ReadWrite. These tow websites are the go-to sources of information on all things involving technology and social media. I decided to upload a few interesting reads linked to the content on this blog.

5 Design Tips To Boost Blog Conversions

Facebook Introduces Photo Comments For Pages

Twitter’s Verified Users: How They All Connect

Watch Out Facebook: Why Google and Pinterest Are Gaining As Social Rivals

Time To Change Your Tumblr Password – Immediately

13 Ways To Print Your Instagram Photos

Instagram Sets Its Photos and Videos Free Via Embeds

How To Make News Readers Work for You

Instagram May Be Strangling Vine Now, But The Fight Is Far From Over

Four Tips and Tricks For Pinterest Addicts

Google + Turns Two: Why I’m Becoming A Convert

The Killer Feature In Instagram’s New Videos Isn’t What You Think It Is

How Instagram Remade Photography (And Could It Do The Same For Video)

How Video Gives Instagram A Split Personality

Watch Your Twitter Life Flash Before Your Eyes

Pinterest: One Man’s Journey

Excel Is An Art Form: These Beautiful Images Are Proof

Do you subscribe to Mashable and ReadWrite as well? Which one is your favourite? Do you know of similar sites that we might find useful?


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