Data Journalism: Tools For Data Journalism

Just like with blogging and social media, you need to know which tools are available for you to use for data journalism:

10 Tools That Help Data Journalists Do Better Work, Be More Efficient

Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools Of Choice

Additional read:

Three Key Players You’ll Need To Build A Data Journalism Team

Do you use any of these tools? How do you find it? Do you know of alternatives to the tools mentioned?


Data Journalism: Getting started

So now that we have an idea of what data journalism is, how do you get started?


Source: GeoffMcGhee

From what you know so far, do you think it’s easy to get started in data journalism?

Getting Started

First post EVER *happy dance*

Before we delve into the world of fun and creativity that lies before us, i.e the world of Multimedia Journalism, I thought it would be fitting to post up a few videos I found online that will give us an idea of what Multimedia Journalism is, it’s relevance today and why we NEED to learn the skills it requires.

How do these videos makes you feel about Multimedia Journalism or even today’s journalism industry as a whole? What are your views on the topic? Please share your comments. All comments are highly appreciated and valued.