Editing Software for Photos, Audio and Video

Once you have taken captured your photographs or recorded your video and/or audio, you then need to edit it to create your story. Since most editing software can often be rather expensive and since most of us can’t afford such expensive software, your best option is to turn to open source software. Below I’ve included links to lists of open source software available for editing audio, video and photos.

(PICTURE: westfloridacomponents.com)

(PICTURE: westfloridacomponents.com)

Open source software for video editing:

Open source software for audio editing:

Open source software for photo editing:

Bonus Read:

I am only familiar with a few of the open source software mentioned in these links. What I am familiar with includes Windows Live Movie Maker, GIMP, Picasa and Audacity. I have found Windows Movie Maker quite user-friendly and easy to use, however, I haven’t really used it for editing videos (I have used it to make audio slideshows). GIMP is quite difficult to understand, while Picasa is easier to work with. Audacity is the only audio editing program I’ve used but I found it quite easy to understand.

Are there open source software that you use that wasn’t mentioned in these links? Which open source software do you find difficult to work with? Which open source software do you find easy to work with? Which open source software is your favourite?